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Here are a few nearby webcams:

Thumbnail - click to view Susanville: SR36/US395 Junction in Johnstonville, southeast of Susanville (elev. 4180 ft.)Thumbnail - click to view Fredonyer Summit: Westbound side of HWY 36 just east of Fredonyer Summit (elev. 5627 ft.)Thumbnail - click to view Lake Almanor: Johnson Grade Traffic Cam, East of Lake Almanor (elev. 4876 ft.)Thumbnail - click to view Lake Almanor: Peninsula Drive (elev. 4586 ft.)Thumbnail - click to view Lake Almanor: SR36/SR89 Junction, West of Lake Almanor (elev. 4532 ft.)Thumbnail - click to view Feather River Canyon: SR70/SR89 Cam, located at Greenville Wye in the Feather River Canyon (elev. 2856 ft.)

The following images are automatically aggregated by our robot from various webcams in our network, and are updated every hour from sunrise to sunset.

Sierra Nevada time is currently: Friday, May 26, 2017 9:07PM

West side of US395 near Janesville
Camera location (approximate): 40.2944°N, 120.5084°W (elev. 4165 ft.) [website link]

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