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Here are a few more webcams from nearby areas of the Sierra Nevada. Click on one to enlarge it:

Thumbnail - click to view Susanville: SR36/US395 Junction in Johnstonville, southeast of Susanville (elev. 4180 ft.)Thumbnail - click to view Fredonyer Summit: Westbound side of HWY 36 just east of Fredonyer Summit (elev. 5627 ft.)Thumbnail - click to view Lake Almanor: Johnson Grade Traffic Cam, East of Lake Almanor (elev. 4876 ft.)Thumbnail - click to view Lake Almanor: SR36/SR89 Junction, West of Lake Almanor (elev. 4532 ft.)Thumbnail - click to view Feather River Canyon: SR70/SR89 Cam, located at Greenville Wye in the Feather River Canyon (elev. 2856 ft.)Thumbnail - click to view Doyle: West side of US395 two miles south of Doyle (elev. 4300 ft.)

The following images are automatically updated every hour from sunrise to sunset.

Sierra Nevada time is currently: Saturday, July 20, 2024 4:41AM

West side of US395 near Janesville
Camera location (approximate): 40.2944°N, 120.5084°W (elev. 4165 ft.) [website link]